Christ Centered Programs

Weekend Retreats

Pure Reality Retreats The primary delivery system is a lock-in retreat targeting middle, high school and college aged students (ages 12 to 25). The primary method of delivery is a highly structured format that utilizes spiritual & educational curricula, a 4:1 ratio of teens to mentors, general assembly sessions drama presentations, vignettes, counselors, gender targeted interactive workshops and life mapping sessions.

Treasure Key Ceremony

Youth, parents, mentors and the community are brought together for a rite of passage ceremony that seals their oath to abstinence through a lifestyle of purity. This forum is designed to foster communication between teens, parents and the community by exchange of vows and affirmations.

The community and mentors are invited to help guard the avenues of our children’s souls. Inductees are declared “Distinguished Gentlemen” and Virtuous Ladies. Parents are given the opportunity to affirm and bless their children.

Learn more about the Treasure Key Ceremony.

Day Conferences & Street Fairs

Through partnerships with professional organizations, civic groups, churches, businesses and local law enforcement agencies, we educate and raise community awareness about the effects of teen pregnancy, STD’s, gang violence, domestic violence, child abuse and or neglect. Activities that promote the effectiveness of skills such as conflict resolution and violence prevention are modeled and information is always delivered in a fun, entertaining and non-threatening atmosphere. Resources, referrals and on the spot care are offered to those in need of help and support.

Support Groups

To help those who have been hurt by abuse. Pure Reality supplies a avenue for healing that takes youth beyond survival to a vibrant thriving life.


As part of the support and accountability structure for Pure Reality, ongoing educational training workshops and in services are required for parents, youth, mentors, chaperones and staff.


Pure Reality helps sustain our youth by providing a forum for ongoing, quality mentorship which is crucial for the support of the teens through this time of their life.

Pure Ambassadors

These dedicated groups of teens are specially trained to mentor and advise their peers. Through relationships with schools, churches and community organizations pure ambassadors are given a forum to empower their peers.

Learn more about our Pure Ambassadors.

Character Awards

Annual recognition will be given to 4 youth who exemplify an active growing faith. These candidates are a role model for a life transformed through the ongoing renewal of their minds. These awards focus on positive attitudes illustrated holistically with peers, family members and their school community.

Vision Building Programs

To challenge & support the encouragement and development of positive character traits and self worth Pure Reality hosts and collaborates with local agencies to empower our youth by hosting a variety of oratory and artistic expression contests to solidify the concepts they are taught.