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Take a step further in God’s work and become a sponsor of the Pure Reality Ministry. Whenever you invest your resources into God’s work, He will bless you in return. See other ways you can benefit from becoming a sponsor.

Benefits of becoming a Sponsor

Your Company Recognition

When you sign up as a sponsor, your company will be listed on our site where hundreds of visitors will become familiar with your brand (company name and logo). We will add a link to our website so interested visitors can easily find your services.

Tax Deductions

Did you know that making charitable contributions to organizations like Pure Reality can help increase your IRS refund check? When you sign up as a sponsor, your contributions to Pure Reality are eligible “Itemized deductions”  which may get you more money in return.

Peace of Mind

When you sponsor this ministry, you can have the peace of mind that your work is playing a part in spreading God’s love to the community around us. The resources you provide us help us conduct outreach programs, street fairs and much more.

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