Pure Parents

Parenting has large spiritual implications. There are few parents who realize how important it is to give to their children the influence of a godly example. Yet this is far more potent than precept. No other means is so effective in training them in right lines. The children and youth must have a true copy in right-doing if they succeed in overcoming sin and perfecting a Christian character. This copy they should find in the lives of their parents. If they enter the city of God, … someone must show them the way. By living before their children godly, consistent lives, parents may make the work before them clear and plain.” – Ellen White {HP 212.3}

The living, the living—they praise you, as I am doing today; parents tell their children about your faithfulness.

Isaiah 38:19

What is Pure Parenting?

Pure Reality is committed to being in partnership with parents, helping to empower and strengthen their understanding of “The Theology of Parenting.” There is a cliché that states: “Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook”. We at Pure Reality beg to differ! The Gift of Prayer is the navigator which leads to clear instructions and diverse examples of parenting from the Word of God applicable to any child rearing situation or dilemma. The Christian life is one of constant warfare and it is our duty as parents to shield and navigate our children away from contaminating influences, instruct our children in the principles of purity and most importantly, help our children to procure a positive God concept.

As we pray for and guide our children, we keep in mind that sometimes our own stubbornness causes us as parents, not to do the will of our Father in heaven as fast as we should. We are ever mindful that God is ready, willing and able to forgive and cast our “sins into the depths of the sea.”

How can we help?

Pure Reality encourages parents to remember that God gave them the greatest power of influence through the Holy Spirit to train, support and model the principles that help their children to resist daily temptations. To counter the current culture, the definition of purity must be instilled so that heaven will be a place where children want to go in order to be with a Savior they love and revere. Check this page often for educational links and training opportunities.