Pure Ambassadors

Pure Ambassadors are a vital part of the Pure Reality Campaign. They are a group of young people 16 and older who are specially trained to educate their peers on serious issues in a fun and engaging manner. Pure Ambassadors have made a vow of abstinence through a lifestyle of purity and have a yearning to share with their peers the freedom and joy that comes from this commitment.

Pure Ambassadors make a commitment to abstain from all forms of sexual activity, self-abuse, drugs, alcohol and tobacco in any form. They are young people who are committed to a Christian lifestyle and believe in the sanctity of life.

Pure Ambassadors believe that the Bible is the final authority and use it as the foundation for teaching; they are “doers and not just hearers of the word” and are sensitive to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit.

Pure Ambassadors are mature youth who are fun loving and understand that God made sex as a special treasure to be explored within the confines of marriage.

Where & What?

Pure Ambassadors serve as diplomats for the Pure Reality Campaign and are available to present at schools, youth groups, churches and community groups. Pure Ambassadors have a positive mature attitude toward others and are supportive of other Pure Ambassadors in their commitment to sexual purity.

Pure Ambassadors share their message through drama presentations and educational discussions. They answer questions and serve as role models to others who make a vow of abstinence through a lifestyle of purity.